11-Oct – Fiesta Habera

Haven’t you found out yet?
Well, here we are to inform you! On OCTOBER 11, the beans have prepared a PARTY at CSOA LA FABRIKA, in Collado Villalba.

This party is not just a party. Behind it there is a background that we would like you to support that day with your presence. This background consists of the illusion that all of us have to continue practicing futsal, for which we manage ourselves. The illusion that FEMALE SPORT is not overshadowed and is supported and followed.

The party, which will begin at 6:00 p.m., will have many activities that we are sure will not disappoint you. We have arranged a table football ourselves, there will be darts, activities for young children, documentary projections, a bike raffle, musical groups that will constantly cheer like BATUKADA SHAMBAIALA, BONES OF MINERVA, MARÍA DJ … and more, much more.

We will prepare an area with hookahs for those who prefer to be more relaxed.

We will offer food and drink with everyone in mind at more than popular prices.

Bonus-help? 2 euros without a drink and 3 euros if you bring it from outside. All the proceeds will go to pay for the league, the sports facilities to train and sports equipment of which, currently, we are somewhat scarce.

We would love to have everyone, because the enthusiasm and the work that we are using is enormous, you cannot imagine. So… BOOK THE 11TH OF OCTOBER FOR THE BEANS! WE THANK YOU HUGE!

A warm hug!

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